New Blog

The original website at this address was a blog and photo gallery in Portuguese. As I increasingly wrote about things that had no geographical affinity it made less sense to keep it a Portuguese blog, and as I started using more web applications to communicate it made less sense for it to try to include everything I do online. This blog is actually two blogs, one of text essays on whatever I feel like, another a photo blog. Only reasonably formed thoughts will go into either. Catch me on twitter and on flickr for the looser fragments.

The text blog should cover with some regularity both technology, particularly computing, and business, and have a healthy dose of the intersection of the two. But I’m generally curious about stuff so anything is fair game really. The photo blog uses one of my images in each post and explores either some direct aspect of it, or something it suggests or represents.

Technically all of this was hand-rolled using jekyll, a LAMPish stack and some elbow grease, expect some breakage here and there. Please let me know if something is not working properly. The markup should be standard compliant and work in most competent browsers. Internet Explorer probably won’t work properly though but life is too short to spend time fixing that. Atom feeds are available of all posts, just the text, or just the photos.

To quote the last line of the last Calvin and Hobbes:

Let’s go Exploring!