I appreciate the vertigo perspective of this frame. The four planes guiding the sight from the fuzzy close-up to the well-defined and ominous break of the waves create a path to fall through. It is enough to trick (my) perception into considering what the drop would be like, while at the same time not generating panic.

I usually find landscape photography boring, even when on its face it looks spectacular. A picture of a sunset is usually only a poor surrogate for the real thing. Here, the squashed perspective and tight framing generate something different from the actual experience. Depth perception is activated differently from the real situation and allows you to reason about it more than the more accurate real view would.

This is just a trick image, fairly casually shot, not at all a deliberate attempt at photography. I discovered more than created it. All photographs have a mix of both and the reason to write these texts is exactly to explore what works, has meaning, looks good. And then do more of it.

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